I have been coming to Rushton Futures since October 2016. I am funny, kind, helpful and I love dancing and acting. I am also a good singer! When I come to Rushton Futures I like going on the big trampoline, using the interactive hub and spending time with friends. Staff have helped me get better on my iPad. I know how to connect it to the big screen using airplay, I have learnt how to create playlists on Spotify, and Jenny showed me how to use iMovie- I am a master director. These were some of my outcomes this year.


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Our daughter, Meg joined Rushton Futures in September 2016 having completed her secondary education at the Royal School for the Blind in July of that year.

The transition was smooth as the building was familiar and some of the school staff moved with her. Meg very quickly settled and the staff got to know her and her likes and dislikes, setting up an individual timetable for her of activities to promote fun, wellbeing and social development.

20 months on we are delighted with how Rushton Futures is evolving, learning from all the young people they support.

Meg attends 5 days a week and we are so pleased with her continued placement there. She is extremely happy and very well supported, challenged and stimulated at all times by very caring staff.

Comprehensive care plans written by us and staff keep her safe while meeting all her needs on a day to day basis.

Because Meg is so happy and we are encouraged to work in partnership with staff at Rushton Futures at all times, we are secure in our knowledge that her complex needs are being met at the right place.

We look forward to working with Rushton Futures as they continue to evolve and grow.

We are so grateful!

Debbie and Ian


I like to come to Rushton Futures. My Friends are here, I like spending time with Kev, Lizzie, Jasmine and Kate. I like swimming, I like to sing, I am good at cooking, and I am a great actor. I go on work experience once a week and am learning how to work in a coffee company!