Aromacare at Rushton Futures

One of our Key Workers, Gillian Rennie, recently completed a 10 week Aroma Care course which was kindly funded by The IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapists). This qualification enables her to use simple but effective massage techniques on hand and foot with the use of essential oils and story massage over clothes on back using light but effective hand movements.


The benefits of Aroma Care have been described as the restoration and maintenance of good health by the manipulation of soft tissue, massage can be the most effective way of introducing essential oils to affect the body system.

AromaCare Course Logo.JPG

Research indicates that massage and the use of essential oils can:

*Reduce rapid heart rate and blood pressure

*Promote peace and tranquillity

*Release tension held in our muscles

*Increase circulation of lymph, thereby eliminating toxins from the body

* Release feelings that may be supressed

*Provides passive exercise compensating for lack of active exercise

* Calm and relaxes helping to reduce anxiety

*Improves the immune system

*Release of oxytocin into our body (known as a ‘happy’ hormone)

With this training, Aroma Care will be a part of our activities at Rushton Futures.

Becca Innes